Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Termites and Crazy Love

Good Evening bloggies. I was outside of my boyfriends house this past Saturday and saw a beautiful piece of heaven just laying in the midst of a pile of brush calling my name across the street. Naturally, I asked Joe to go dig it out of the brush so I could hang it on my wall....your'e judging. It was a piece of a fence that was the perfect length and width for a project I was wanting to use it for. When we got it home to my house, my Dad took one look at the fence and his first words were as follows: "Are there any termites in that fence?!". Well Dad, that is a fantastic question considering I just rescued it from the side of the road. Why is it that Dad's always think of the last things that would ever pop up in our crazy minds? Although I was forbidden to even step foot into my house with that termite infested fence, I am thankful for my Dad. If I had no one to display the obvious things in life so clearly in front of my clueless self, I am pretty sure I would not have a home thanks to that pretty fence. Thank you termites for ruining my craftiness. Side-note, why is love so crazy? That is all I have to say about that. I should have renamed this post after writing it since the sneaky termites seemed to consume it. Goodnight lovelies.
My future home

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