Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Braids

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving weekend filled with anything that could possibly make you gain weight! Those foods are always the best. To recover from this amazing weekend, I had a productive and somewhat lazy Sunday. Lipstick, crocheted tops, and braids seemed to have been the highlight of my day. Even if you're not going anywhere special a little lipstick makes any day a pretty one. I have been switching up my hairstyle a little lately with some funky braids. I had my friend try the one displayed in the picture today and it turned out pretty well despite some sideways pieces. It started as a french braid and graduated to a fishtail braid. I thought it looked pretty awesome! Other than my new-found hairstyle obsession, the photo shoot with Brayden is finally here! Friday is the golden day to place Brayden on my new antique finds! I found some amazing props for the newborn shoot the other day for a great price. It kind of made my entire year how cheap everything ended up being. Blog ya next time! CheesyMcCheeserson.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reese's Dilemma

Happy pre-Thanksgiving! With all of the excitement of the delicious holiday decadents, I have neglected a very close friend: Mr. Gym. I wish there was just a tad bit of motivation inside my Ok! Instead of digging deep inside and finding my inner strength, I decided a one pound pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups was so much more important. Yes that was correct, no typo, two half pound cups of smooth peanut buttery heaven. I had been thinking about this pound of Reese's for about a week now, deciding whether to splurge. I decided to head to the grocery store and just do it, but of course I had a plan. The plan was to buy at least two other items to cover up the large orange wrapper encasing one pound of candy; so it was hummus and strawberries (odd combo). Despite my strategic plan, as I approached the cashier, the bagger states to the cashier, "She is taking on the challenge!". Seriously? I'm not going home to eat this entire thing right now! This was my super embarrassing moment of the week, but it was totally worth it and I may go back for the one pound Hershey's bar...kidding! Happy holiday splurging! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

November 16, 2:45 pm, 7lbs 6oz

This sweet little man was born two days ago. How could you look at this and not be happy? My cell phone snapped this picture in the hospital, and for now this will have to suffice until the new family is all settled in. I can't wait to have this little guy as my subject! Stay tuned pretty people!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little Baby Birdie Brayden

Happy hump day! I'm thanking the Lord that this week is halfway over and the weekend is beginning to appear in sight. I am SO excited that one of my good friends, whom I have known for seven years, is due to have her sweet little boy sometime this weekend. I am even more excited to get to put these adorable little newborn hats that Hearts and Hooks Crochet made for me on Brayden's teeny head. It will definitely be a fun photo shoot! The cute birdie hat decided that he wanted to make an appearance before his actual debut due to his extreme nervousness of being responsible for the warmth of that wittle head on the big day.
Be on the lookout for baby Brayden photos! 
Hewo fwiends!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Termites and Crazy Love

Good Evening bloggies. I was outside of my boyfriends house this past Saturday and saw a beautiful piece of heaven just laying in the midst of a pile of brush calling my name across the street. Naturally, I asked Joe to go dig it out of the brush so I could hang it on my wall....your'e judging. It was a piece of a fence that was the perfect length and width for a project I was wanting to use it for. When we got it home to my house, my Dad took one look at the fence and his first words were as follows: "Are there any termites in that fence?!". Well Dad, that is a fantastic question considering I just rescued it from the side of the road. Why is it that Dad's always think of the last things that would ever pop up in our crazy minds? Although I was forbidden to even step foot into my house with that termite infested fence, I am thankful for my Dad. If I had no one to display the obvious things in life so clearly in front of my clueless self, I am pretty sure I would not have a home thanks to that pretty fence. Thank you termites for ruining my craftiness. Side-note, why is love so crazy? That is all I have to say about that. I should have renamed this post after writing it since the sneaky termites seemed to consume it. Goodnight lovelies.
My future home