Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Braids

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving weekend filled with anything that could possibly make you gain weight! Those foods are always the best. To recover from this amazing weekend, I had a productive and somewhat lazy Sunday. Lipstick, crocheted tops, and braids seemed to have been the highlight of my day. Even if you're not going anywhere special a little lipstick makes any day a pretty one. I have been switching up my hairstyle a little lately with some funky braids. I had my friend try the one displayed in the picture today and it turned out pretty well despite some sideways pieces. It started as a french braid and graduated to a fishtail braid. I thought it looked pretty awesome! Other than my new-found hairstyle obsession, the photo shoot with Brayden is finally here! Friday is the golden day to place Brayden on my new antique finds! I found some amazing props for the newborn shoot the other day for a great price. It kind of made my entire year how cheap everything ended up being. Blog ya next time! CheesyMcCheeserson.


  1. Love the braids! I always wished I could rock braids like that growing up...sadly I'm no good at em, and neither was my mom :( But they look great!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Anyone can rock braids girlfriend! Just try a few out and see how you like them now that your older! They are definitely making a comeback. =)