Friday, January 6, 2012

Good evening bloggies! Soooo it has definitely been quite a while since I have written a post but I'm back! A lot has gone on the past few weeks; Christmas, New Years, and school starting back up. I know I'm late but my Christmas was one of the best yet! A few of my favorites: Tiffany's necklace, custom vintage fan, red kitchen aid, and most importantly a handmade Raggedy Ann. This is no ordinary doll, she was made by the hands of a special lady I call Grammy. The fabric for the dress was bought 16 years ago and was originally purchased to make me a dress when I was a baby. Instead, my Raggedy Ann is now wearing it which is waayyy better because I get to look at it for the rest of my life! This was my all time favorite Christmas present. Yes, even more exciting than the peeing and pooping baby doll! That doll didn't get one tear out of me, but THIS doll got more than enough!
Check out the perfect hair!

Another precious gift I received this Christmas was a dainty little Ballerina shoe Tiffany's necklace from my thoughtful boyfriend. Iv'e danced for most of my life, so it was definitely more than appropriate and not to mention the sweetest thing ever because he picked it out all on his own! One of the many gifts my boyfriend gave me included a refinished vintage Kenmore fan I had been scoping out of his parents garage for quite a while. He got it powder coated behind my back and I loved it!
Perfect desk decor!

I hope everyone had a fun Holidays and New Years! I promise I'll be writing a lot more now that I am back on my college and work schedule! 

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